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MetBalance Test

Know your metabolic health and revolutionize the way you take care of yourself

Know your metabolic well-being

MetBalanceTest is much more than a blood test. MetBalanceTest allows you to know your percentage of global health and your metabolic age.

salud metabólica MetBalanceTest
metbalance years

A revolutionary technique

MetBalanceTest analyzes a wide variety of molecular data from a single blood sample by combining cutting-edge technologies: metabolomics based on nuclear magnetic resonance and Artificial Intelligence

rmn - preparacion de la muestra de metbalance con el sample jet

Our technique combines a nuclear magnetic resonance sample analysis with artificial intelligence algorithms to compare your results with the reference values of a healthy population of equivalent age and as a result generates a series of metabolic health scores. 

Daily Analysis
+ -55

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Backed by science

Our team has more than 90publications in leading scientific journals worldwide.

All results and scores given by the MetBalance Test are based on scientific evidence. 

Fast and easy

Get all the information you need in five simple steps 

All the information you need

MetBalanceTest analyzes all those parameters necessary to evaluate your metabolic health.

icono - parametros antropometricos

Anthropometric parameters

icono - salud cardiovascular

Cardiovascular health

icono - funcion renal

Kidney function

icono - metabolismo energetico

Energy metabolism

icono - inflamacion


icono - masa muscular

Muscle Mass

What else will you get?

metbalance parameters

MetBalanceTest allows you to clearly know which parameters need intervention to improve your metabolic health.

MetBalanceTest is much more than a blood analysis: it is all your metabolic health in one test

Will you join the metabolic health revolution?