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1. Order your MetBalance Test

Go to one of our affiliated centers and make an appointment for your MetBalance Test.

2. Blood collection

Using a single blood sample, the MetBalance test simultaneously analyzes dozens of compounds involved in regulating your metabolism. 

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3. NMR analysis

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance allows the simultaneous quantification of metabolic parameters with accuracy and precision.

4. MetBalance Test Study

The obtained parameters are analyzed and compared using artificial intelligence tools with data from a reference population of more than 6,000 individuals.
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5. Delivery of the report

Once the entire process has been completed, we will send you the report with all the information about your health. 

What does the report contain?

It lets you know your health and metabolic age, objectively evaluating how your metabolism is working thanks to the detailed analysis of the different molecular metabolic parameters. 

Anthropometric parameters 90%
Cardiovascular health 75%
Inflammation 85%
Kidney function 60%
Energy metabolism 80%
Muscle Mass 65%

It assesses the state of your health and your age based on your metabolism and identifies those parameters that require attention to achieve your health objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MetBalance test is a blood test that combines advanced molecular profiling based on a metabolomic study using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and artificial intelligence through which you can evaluate the state of your metabolism using personalized precision medicine from a holistic approach and taking into account the main aspects that can affect your metabolic balance and therefore your well-being. 

Unlike other blood tests, NMR uses magnetic fields and radial waves to analyze levels of lipoproteins, glycoproteins, and metabolites in blood (reagents and products of chemical reactions that occur during metabolism). An imbalance in this network of metabolic compounds may be indicative of the possible development of metabolic disorders. 

In addition to determining your metabolic status, the MetBalance test incorporates artificial intelligence algorithms that allow you to compare your metabolic profile to the values of a general population of more than 6,000 individuals including men and women of a wide age range (over 18 years). These algorithms will allow you to know your metabolic age and the different parameters included in MetBalance as well as to evaluate your health status by analyzing the score obtained for each of the parameters analyzed, allowing you to identify the susceptibility or possible development of metabolic diseases even before the first symptoms appear.  

In summary, by using the MetBalance test you will obtain a molecular picture of your metabolism at a specific point in time, be able to evaluate your results by comparing them with the reference values for the general population, as well as know your age based on your metabolism. In addition, the periodic repetition of the MetBalance test will allow you to easily and visually evaluate the effectiveness of a healthier diet and lifestyle in your metabolic balance and therefore in your health. 

This report details the status of your metabolic profile. 

First, we will show you a summary of the results obtained in which we have calculated your metabolic health, your metabolic age and a small summary of the different categories analyzed.  Below that you will find the detailed result for each of the sections detailed in the figure below: 

metbalance parameters

In each section you will find a summary percentage that includes the results of all the parameters included in the section where 0% would be the minimum score and 100% the maximum. You will also find a table showing the following values:

–  The result obtained for the given parameter. 

– The reference values for the given parameter. 

– A score  obtained by comparing the results with the value corresponding to a metabolically healthy population (100 being the maximum value associated with metabolic health and 0 the minimum score indicating the need for intervention and improvement of the determined parameter). 

– The improvement target in terms of the need to increase or decrease said value based on the results obtained. 

Based on this information, you will obtain a calculation of your estimated metabolic age, in addition to an explanation of the parameters of each section. 

The technology we use is Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). NMR allows for the absolute quantification of the different compounds with great accuracy and precision; it is a high performance methodology that allows for the analysis of up to 200 samples/day and allows for the simultaneous quantification of a large number of different metabolic compounds (lipoproteins, glycoproteins and low molecular weight metabolites). The entire sample analysis process is standardized and automated, following ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified quality standards. 

It’s going to depend on your results. If your results are satisfactory, our recommendation is to take the test once a year to check that everything remains the same. If you detect altered values, and if you decide to change your lifestyle, we advise you to do it again in the next 3-4 months to be able to evaluate the change and see how you have improved.